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Persona | dir. Ingmar Bergman (1966)

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Title: The Portland Anthem
Artist: Kyle MacLachlan
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“I respect everything I make fun of.”

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Currently in that awkward week where I’m done with class but have to wait until next week to take two finals before I can head home for the summer. Since I have nothing to do but study for Latin (…and write a film paper) until I go home next Friday, I thought I’d think about what I want to accomplish this summer.

  • Work Obvz gonna return to Applebees yet again. I’m kind of hoping I’ll embrace it and work my butt off this summer. I’d like to not spend most of my money going out to eat/drinking with my co-workers. I’d like to not hate that place and I’d like to stop bringing work home with me. I don’t want to have nightmares about forgetting to ring in someone’s food and I don’t want every conversation I have with my friends to be about work. So, in short, my goal is to work, make a couple thousand-ish?, and not complain.
  • Travel REALLY excited to be going to Boston in exactly a month with my three best friends. I’ve never been to Boston so that’s cool. Also really excited to be seeing Brand New and Death Cab while we’re there! AHHH. After that, we’re off to my favorite city in the universe. I’m SO excited to go to New York again and finally do the not-so-touristy-but-still-kinda-touristy things people do on their second time to the city. My #1 priority is MoMA but I’m hoping we can hit up a few other museums as well. I’m also hoping we can go check out Columbia so I can kiss the ground and pray for eventual acceptance to their film studies program. Also really excited to go to a few stores (Opening Ceremony, Story, Catbird), get my custom made Bite Beauty lipstick and (of course) get some gooooood food. Fatima will turn 21 our last night in the city so I’m also looking forward to finding some cool, scenic-y bar, too. Also, NOT on the Boston/NY front, I’m hoping I can manage to save enough money to plan a trip to the west coast. I’m most leaning towards visiting Portland and Seattle to look at grad schools, but California would be cool, too.
  • Academics Decided not to take an online summer class so I’m pretty free academic wise! I’ve decided I’m going to buy and read all of the books my favorite film professor has contributed to, as well as the books she recommended to me. With that said, I think I can put “watch a zillion more movies” under academics, too (perks of a film student). I’d like to do a lot more research into my favorite subjects and try to hone out an idea for my honors thesis before school starts again. I’m considering “taking” some of those free online college courses, too (well, the film ones). Could be fun?? Also, I plan on spending every free second with a GRE practice book in hand (I did say I wanted to go to Columbia one day and that stuff don’t just HAPPEN without some hard work). Also also, gonna make sure to keep up with my Latin studies a bit so I’m not a mess when school starts again.
  • Future Things I’m the worst. I’m going to be a senior come August yet I’ve done nothing. I’m going to extensively research some possible internships and options for myself for after I graduate. Ideally, I’d like to go straight to grad school…but I also think taking some time to check out some options might be cool (and more feasible). I’m trying to be really conscious of the fact that I will almost definitely not be able to do anything with just an undergrad film degree but hey, I’ll be 22 when I graduate. I need to move to New York or something. Make mistakes (but not) and live (“live” aka “get a waitressing job while working any sort of internship”). Growing up is weird.

I guess that’s really it. It doesn’t seem like doing any of this (besides working) would take me very long but you know, whatever. Summer is three months but every year I find myself going back to school feeling like all I did was work. This is it though! I’m doing something! Productivity! Okay bye!

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Tribeca First-Timers: Chris Messina

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Title: The Moon Song (ft. Ezra Koenig)
Artist: Karen O
Album: Her Soundtrack
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the moon song || karen o ft. ezra koenig

I’m lying on the moon
my dear, I’ll be there soon
it’s a quiet starry place
times we’re swallowed up in space
we’re here a million miles away

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Watch: ‘Billy on the Street’ - Amy Poehler isn’t Pitbull

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I needed this

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